Hello darlings,

I usually don't do anything special on Valentines, me and Nick both consider it more of a commercial celebration than a real one. This year however I was in a more romantic mood so I decided to make a little something for my Valentine!

His gift(s) were handmade and I am going to show them to you on a later post. I did need to add a heart somewhere in there though but I didn't want another crochet gift. So, I made him a small heart with yarn and a toilet paper roll! Lol! How romantic is that?

It was really easy to make and I think it's something you can also do with your kids.

You'll need:
One toilet paper roll per heart
A few meters of yarn
Hot glue gun and hot glue
Measuring tape or ruler

Cut your paper roll in length.

You should have something like this.

Measure its length and mark the middle.

Cut in the middle. Now you have something like these.

Take your yarn and start rolling it around the paper making sure it doesn't overlap with itself.

Every few rounds add some hot glue on the inside of the paper to keep your yarn in place.

Leave approximately 0.5cm of uncovered paper on each end. Once you reach the end cut your yarn leaving a very long tail (more than a meter).

Put some hot glue on the uncovered end and glue them together.

Like so

Being careful not to tear it apart, pinch the one side of the circle to form a eclipse of shorts. Then cover the uncovered part with some yarn and glue in place. Don't cut the long end of the yarn.

Do the same for the other half of the paper roll. You now have the two halves of your heart. Let's bring them together shall we?

Add some glue to the lower side of the two parts and glue them together.

Now take your long ends and wrap them around both sides of the heart to keep it together. Cut off the excess yarn and glue in place.

Your heart is ready! Easy wasn't it?

Isn't it cute?

Are you celebrating Valentine's day? Did you make or buy him/her a gift this year?

Lot's of love