Crochet spring wreath pattern

1:19:00 PM

Hello darlings,

this is a very special and exciting day for me and my blogger friends Zina, Dimitra, Athina, Aggeliki and Eleni.

We teamed up and played around and we made a new fresh e-magazine about our passions! Crafting and Cooking!

The first issue can be found here in Greek and in a couple of days it will also be published in English.


Here is the English version!!! YooHoo!!!

It is filled with wonderful Easter crafts and recipes. You don't have to be a DIY guru to follow these tutorials! We are like -minded people that love to create and both our crafts and recipes are easy to follow and doable by everyone no matter his/hers craftiness level!

So, if you like to know how to decorate your Easter eggs this year, what to cook in the weeks leading to Easter, how to decorate your kids room, how to make the most delicious chocolates and how to make them into a gift for your loved ones, you have to read this issue!

I couldn't escape my love for crochet so my contribution is a Crochet Spring Wreath for your door!

This is a very easy project, you'll only need your scrap yarn and scrap fabric for filling the wreath, no special tools or materials! It's another one of my scrap buster ideas!

We really hope you'll enjoy the magazine and we'll appreciate any feedback to make it better! I will post an update when the English version goes live, so stay tuned!

Lot's of love

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  1. I am super excited!!! First of all, I have seen your crochet wrath and I loved it! I almost wanted to smell the aromas of the flowers!
    Secondly because of our new teamwork! A beautiful magazine with amazing ideas and suc a great company! thank you ladies, thank you Maro!

  2. Dearest Maro, your wreath just smells and screams spring it is amazing!!! I am so excited and proud of our teamwork and really looking forward to more issues :P !!! Lot's of kisses!!

  3. Υπέροχο το στεφάνι σου Μάρω! Κλαψ που δεν ξέρω να πλέκω!!! Καλή αρχή & συνέχεια να έχουμε :*

  4. Girls congratulations.Your new endeavour looks amazing!All of the crafts and recipes are gorgeous!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Congrats and best wishes for your magazine. I went through all the pages and loved it. Very well done, ladies!
    I also paused at the presentation page lady Akamatra and I have to say I giggled with your photo. Very incognito but still pretty.

  6. Checked on the To do List!! Καλοτάξιδο !!

  7. Υπέροχο το στεφάνι σου Μάρω μου! Ότι πρέπει για να καλωσορίσει την Άνοιξη!
    Καλή επιτυχία στο νέο σας ξεκίνημα!

  8. Καταρχήν έχετε καταπληκτική ομάδα!! Είστε όλες μια και μια!
    Για το στεφάνι σου τι να γράψω.. ότι και να πω λίγο θα είναι!! Υπέροχο!

  9. Παρα πολύ ομορφο το στεφανι σου!
    Καλές αναγνωσεις :)


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