Giving your home a fresh look for summer can be so much fun. You can really afford to use your imagination. It’s your chance to get creative, include lots of color and playful accessories. It’s the perfect time for showing off your personality. Here’s what to do if this sounds good to you:

Add Flowers

Flowers are such a great way to give your home a fresh look for summer. They’ll add more color, some life to any room, and they’ll instantly perk up your mood when you see them. If you can’t afford fresh flowers, you can always invest in some convincing fake flowers. It would be nice to treat yourself every so often, though. You can always find bargain bunches. Look for plants and things like that that will liven up your interior too.

Choose Your Color scheme Carefully

Your color scheme make your home feel nice, bright, and cool or dull and boring. It’s your choice. Summer colors include things like pastels, brights, and even just plain neutral colors that you accessorise later on. You can use apps online to find the best colors. Just make sure you’re not going to get bored of the colors you use any time soon.

Find Inspiration

If you’re stuck, you can find inspiration all over the place to help you. Look on blogs, sites like Pinterest, in magazines - you have so many resources that could help you to create the home that you want. Make a vision board and see what happens. Look on Million Dollar Makeovers and similar sites. What patterns do you notice emerging? These things would make a great addition to your home.



Include Some Bold Patterns

Bold patterns can look great all year round, but they’re especially useful to use in summer time. You can make feature walls with them, which will add character to your home and help you to show off your personality.

Focus On The Exterior

As it’s summer time, you want to focus on the exterior of your home too. You will likely be spending a lot of time in the garden. Maybe you’ll even invite friends over! Aim to clean up the exterior as best you can. Get rid of weeds and any old toys and things that are ruining the look of your garden. Maybe add some better seating, and a water feature to give your garden a more tranquil feel.

Choose Vintage And Vintage Inspired Items

Vintage items and vintage inspired items look amazing when you’re going for a more summery look. You can get genuine vintage items if you want something really unique, or you can just get something that has the vintage vibe. Either way, you’ll create a cool summer look in your house.


These tips will help you to get that summer vibe in your home with little hassle. Use your favourite tips and see what you can come up with. Do you have any tips of your own? Leave your comments below!



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