Life is a big rollercoaster that has a lot of high and low moments to offer on the way. While you can’t do much about the sad days of your life, nothing is stopping you from celebrating all the beautiful days that pave your way. Craftsmanship and creative DIY are a favourite when it comes down to giving a happy event its full meaning by making it a part of you. So whether you do it yourself, or you get an artist to support you, getting crafty is the way to move through life’s big milestones and create unforgettable memories.





Welcome A Baby Into Your Family

It is impossible not to think about handmade presents when you are to meet for the first time a baby, or when you are giving birth yourself. Often, DIY presents seem a lot more personal and meaningful than something bought in a shop. This is especially true when it is about welcoming a baby into the family. If craft isn’t your talent, you can naturally revert to handmade cards introducing the newcomer to the rest of the world, as these are relatively easy to build. But, if you are feeling adventurous, you will not find anything cuter in the entire world than handmade baby shoes to keep the feet of your little darling warm.


Say Yes To Your Sweetheart In Style

Weddings are at the heart of a family: This is where every story begins. They also are, naturally, a special occasion in your life. The day you get married is the day when you officially enter a new side of the adult word. For many, it is a day they have been dreaming since early childhood, and consequently this is not only a wonderful event but also the fulfilment of a dream come true. What best to give the day its true emotional meaning than prepare luxury wedding invitations that will share your feelings with your guests? There are other ways to add a personal DIY touch to a wedding, such as a homemade frames and bouquets for the decorations, but handmade invitation cards are a good start that is guaranteed to impress your guests. After all, nothing says ‘We want to share this day with you’ better than a handmade card!


To Say ‘I love You’

Every couple has special dates to celebrate, such as Valentine’s day or the date they first moved in together. But there are certain dates that matter particularly and that should be celebrated even more. Those are the big and round anniversaries, whether it’s 10 years, 15 or even 30, anniversaries matter in the life of a couple. They don’t only mark the passage of time, but they are also a healthy way to measure if your love is still as strong as during the first days. While there are many presents that would be suitable, such as jewellery for example, a handmade present says more about your feelings than an expensive ring. It says ‘I love you’, in the way a child’s drawing does. It is a cute gift of love, and often it carries much deeper feelings than something you would buy in a shop. It is made just for the one you love, and this is exactly for this reason that it is so impactful. You can decide to make a scrapbook of your story together, or you can write and illustrate a poem for your special one. The possibilities are endless, and there are plenty of inspiration around for you to find the perfect idea to remind your better half of your feelings for them.




Lot's of love