Hello darlings, Santa is just round the corner, and you are probably still in the middle of the stressful Christmas shopping race. But, while it is good to think about all those you love and cherish in your Christmas preparations, it is equally important to keep a bit of selfiness to take care of yourself. The festive season is commonly exhausting and often damaging for the mind and the body, as you juggle with rich meals, long nights and an unhealthy dose of alcohol! So, if you want to start the new year in the best possible way, it’s key to have some good secrets on how to enjoy Christmas while staying healthy and relaxed.

 #1 Think About Your Skin

When the colder months come, it is crucial to protect your skin against the biting temperatures. While you probably remember to hydrate and exfoliate your skin, it is absolutely key to keep your skincare regime throughout the Christmas holiday. Often, you hope to save some time by dropping your skincare rituals because, after all, you can’t prepare dinner, clean the house and make a facial mask all at the same time. This is where you are wrong! Your skin will feel tired during Christmas - Here’s a hint: Rich food doesn’t help - so you need to take the best care of it then!

 #2 Go Outside

To avoid the winter depression, it’s good to make the most of the natural sunlight around you. So, wrap yourself in your warmest coat, put your gloves on, and go outside for a Christmas stroll with the family. Your skin and your mental both need sunlight to feel energized. We take the little loaf of bread for strolls everyday if it's not raining!

 #3 Get Weatherproof Accessories

You probably have a warm and cozy coat in your wardrobe. But what about the rest of your winter fashion? Some people go through the colder months with the same pair of heels as they wear in spring, for example. Winter calls for winter accessories. That means items that have been designed to withstand cold and wet weather, such as, for example, a Marlondo Leather Backpack which doesn’t only look stylish but is also sturdy, or maybe a pair of winter boots that can keep your feet warm and dry all day long.

 #4 Help Your Immune System

Christmas is the season of abundance. So while you can naturally enjoy a little glass of alcohol by the fire, and maybe have an extra serving of dessert, it is also important to remember that your body needs vitamins to defend itself from bacterial attacks. So make sure that your daily diet continues to include fresh fruits and vegetables, and start the day with a refreshing cup of green tea to cleanse your mind and stomach. Getting plenty of sleep is essential to help your body feel refreshed and strong, so even though your mind is up to party, do remember to get seven to eight hours sleep throughout the season. And I sure wish I could sleep long hours too!

 #5 Relax And Love

It is the season of giving and sharing, so don’t forget to sit down with your loved ones and feel their presence around you. Feeling loved and cared for is a boost for your mood, and it truly helps feeling good. If you find that your head is still full of the pre-Christmas stress, take a few minutes to sit down and practice some invigorating yoga poses to clear your mind.