Home improvements never seem to be truly finished. As soon as you renovate one room, another needs work. If you fix one thing, another thing breaks. This is the life of a homeowner, but it is also full of opportunity and excitement. When you decide on a home makeover project you are given a blank canvas to create a home to suit your individual style and taste. However, home improvements do not usually come cheap.


Whether it’s due to worries over new furniture or labour costs, these sort of projects can fill homeowners with a sense of trepidation and give them nightmares about stretched budgets and timeframes. If your house needs refreshing but you don’t feel as though you have the funds required to give your home the facelift it deserves, then follow these tips for a great makeover at affordable prices.


Don’t Pay at All

 Before you start worrying about finances, remember that there are ways to improve your home that cost absolutely nothing. There are plenty of online outlets that let people give away unwanted items for free, from Gumtree to Freecycle.

 What’s more, just because these items are free doesn’t mean that they are junk. You can find some surprisingly high quality items being given away including furniture, kitchen appliances and building materials. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure – so get bargain hunting!


Borrow Sensibly

 If you’re strapped for cash at the moment, but still want a full-blown home renovation, then perhaps homeowner personal loans are worth looking into. Repayment plans are flexible, often taking place over a number of years, and your property will not be put at risk. If you can work out a payment plan to suit your income, then a personal loan can let you improve your home now, but pay for it at your own pace.



 Upcycling is all the rage these days and can give your home makeover that shabby-chic look that you’ve seen in all those glossy magazines. Maybe you’ve got an older piece of furniture already or you’ve spotted something at a local car boot that needs a bit of restoration. In either case, upcycling can give your home a fresh look without you needing to shell out for brand-new items.


Less is More

 Perhaps the first step on your journey to home improvement is realising what you no longer need. A clear-out of unwanted items can revitalise your property even before you decide to introduce any new elements.

 Over the years, all homes acquire bits and pieces that don’t really add anything. Stripping these away gives you the space to get creative with the rest of your makeover plans.


A Lick of Paint

 Another home makeover tip that is often forgotten is the importance of a fresh coat of paint. Before you go knocking down walls and building extensions, why not consider a simpler, and cheaper, option? Re-painting your home will make it feel brand new and make you fall in love with it all over again – and it’s a job you can do yourself!


If your home needs improving, don’t get hung up on the costs involved. Whether you decide to get a loan or make some crucial budgeting decisions, there’s plenty of ways to complete your makeover without breaking the bank.