Hello darlings!

During September I talked about my second favorite hobby after crafting; gardening.

I realized that I never came around to show you how to make the air plant pot I use for some of my air plants. I have published the tutorial in Greek but not in English. I blame my mommy brain.

Also, I blame my mom. Yes I do. She was supposed to take care of my 5 air plants this last summer and she failed. Mind you this is the same person that has successfully planted and maintained a full bloom garden of plants, flowers and more than 100 trees. She's also the same person who's planted and gardened my home's yard and balconies for 35 years! Yeap, this wonderful and knowledgeable gardener of a mom managed to kill all 5 of my beloved air plants this summer.

Apparently, she misunderstood my instructions and put them into water into a plastic cup.

 I love my mom to pieces so it wasn't a big deal really (tell that to the plants). My friends from airplants.gr send me new ones and I am super happy. My mom has a restraining order not to come within ten feet from the plants. Seriously!

 So anyway, were is how to make your very own pot for your airplants.


 You'll need a ceramic pot like the ones you find Greek yogurt in (recycling and re-purposing!), some tempera paint and a brush, jute, hot glue and white peddles.

 The process is very simple! Wash and dry the pot.

 Then using your paint cover the top edges of the pot and the inside top for a couple of centimeters.

 When it dries, use your hot glue to cover the outside of the pot with jute.


Apply glue very few centimeters till you reach the top. Glue the end of your jute in place and cover it with the last turn of the jute.


 Fill the pot with the peddles and your air plant pot is ready to be your air plant's new home!




  Keep it away from my mom and it will thrive!