Crochet pillow case made of yarn scraps – Free crochet pattern and tutorial

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Hello darlings!

My name is Maro and I am a yarn addict. There I said it! I need a 12 step program to help me stop buying yarn, lol. No, seriously, I have a slight addiction to yarn but I do tend to use every last piece I buy. I can’t help it, I just can’t bring myself to throw away yarn. Not even a small piece of it. No. I save it all in a fabric bag and use it as stuffing for my amigurumis. I do the same thing with my fabric scraps.

When I was 5 months pregnant to Natalia I was home with lots of time on my hands. I think that was one of the most creative and productive times for me as a crafter. I made hundreds of projects those nine months. I puked and I crafted, that’s what I did. Thankfully I never puked ON a project so thank god for small favors right?

One of those projects was a crochet pillow case for Natalia’s nursery.

I used all my scrap yarn and it felt good to make something out of all those bits and pieces. I've done it before and I've already told you all about my yarn scrap buster projects. On the one side I used shades of blue and green but on the other there was no rime or reason to the color changes. It came out colorful and fun!

Scrap yarn, any type, any color
Crochet hook – most of my yarn was worsted type and thus I used my favorite 4.5mm hook 
Pair of scissors
Stuffing or pillow inlet
Piece of fabric for the stuffing to be held in

Crochet pattern
This pattern is written in US crochet terms
Ch: chain
Hdc: half double crochet
Dc: double crochet
Trc: treble crochet
Sl st: slip stitch
Blo: back loop only
Tog: together

MC: magic circle

The pattern for this pillow is pretty straightforward. You just make two large crochet flat circles and sew them together.

I used double crochet but you can use single crochet or half double crochet if you’d like.

R1: Start with a magic ring.
R2: Ch3, 10 dc in the ring, sl st to the first DC to close.
R3: Ch3, 2dc in each stitch, sl st to the first DC to close.
R4: Ch3, *1dc in first stitch, 2dc in next*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to the first DC to close.
R4: Ch3, *1dc in first 2 stitches, 2dc in next*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to the first DC to close.
R5: Ch3, *1dc in first 3 stitches, 2dc in next*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to the first DC to close.
R6: Ch3, *1dc in first 4 stitches, 2dc in next*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to the first DC to close.
R7: Ch3, *1dc in first 5 stitches, 2dc in next*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to the first DC to close.
R8: Ch3, *1dc in first 6 stitches, 2dc in next*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to the first DC to close.
R9: Ch3, *1dc in first 7 stitches, 2dc in next*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to the first DC to close.
R10: Ch3, *1dc in first 8 stitches, 2dc in next*, repeat from * to * around, sl st to the first DC to close.
Continue in this matter by adding one stitch to the number of stitches before your first increase in each round (hope this makes sense). I ended up with 25 rows for each side.

-         The coolest thing about this pattern is that you don’t have to weave your ends in. Once you finish the circle turn it on its wrong side and knot the ends together two by two. That way they will not come off when you wash the cover.
-         DO make sure your magic circle is well knotted or weaved in since it’s the first thing that will come apart if given the chance.
-         If you use different types of yarn you may need to compensate a bit on the number of stitches to get your circle to lay flat. For example if at same point you decide to use a thicker type of yarn you might want to do less increases for that round.

Pillow cover assembly

Once your circles are finished it’s time to sew them together. Although I don’t mind sewing, I used my crochet hook and a slip stitch to close the pillow case.

Put the two circles right sides together and try to align the stitches. If all has gone well you should have the same amount of stitches on each circle. However if you are off for a couple don’t worry you can cover that up easily by stitching a couple of them together.

Use a simple slip stitch to join the two circles together. Leave an opening to put in the stuffing and resume once the stuffing is done. Cut off your yarn and weave it in (it’s going to be the only weaving in you’ll need to do.

Stuffing or pillow inlet

You can go ahead and stuff the pillow case with your usual stuffing. However, if this is going to be used often, I don’t recommend just putting the stuffing in since the double crochet stitch leaves plenty of room for them to escape.

I used a piece of thin fabric I had and made a circle and filled that circle with all my stuffing. Mind you that my stuffing was yarn scraps, fabric scraps and miscellaneous pieces of stuffing I had lying around. 

Can you spot Mini the cat in the photos?

Off course if you are a sane kind of person – and not a dork like me - you can buy and use a circular pillow inlet and have more time to drink a nice cup of tea.

As soon as you add the inlet pillow you continue sewing the two parts of the cover together. Your pillow is now ready to enjoy! Mine is actually really big and Natalia can sit on it and read her baby books!

I hope you enjoyed this pattern. I love how big and soft this pillow is and Natalia seems to find it cool too!

What have you done with your scrap yarn lately? Any cool projects you want to share with me?

Lots of love

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  1. Μια από αυτές τις μέρες θα με μάθεις να πλεκω ναι;

  2. Haha you are funny! I must say that your pillow looked like a jamaicain/reggae hat (me trying to be funny here) but thats because of the pattern! Does your daughter still use the pillow?❤️

  3. So colourful and such a good way of using up spare yarn. I love the shape.

  4. MY SISTER is all about the crochet life! I don't think she's done pillows yet though - I have to mention that to her and she is going to go straight to the yarn store, I just know it! LOL!

  5. Beautiful pillow cases. Perfect for a beach home & decor. I love that your cat is helping too : )

  6. What a fun craft! I wish I still had all of my crochet supplies...I used to make scarves all the time! Maybe I'll start again soon!

  7. What a great way to use up all that yarn. I bet the cat wanted to play with it all.

  8. That's beautiful! And what a great way to re-purpose things that would have just been discarded!

  9. I'm so impressed with folks that can crochet! I'm loving your recycled creation!

  10. Another great pattern friend. I finished the baby shoes and now I will maybe start on this!

  11. This turned out amazing, another wonderful pattern to try! Love your work. Looking forward to getting back into crocheting.

  12. I have so many yarn craps I have been looking for something to do with them. I will have to make this cute pillow. I have enough to make a few.

  13. Oh I love these! I used to crochet when I was in my teens, I don't find the time now! These are so colourful!

  14. Oh wow, fun and cozy craft idea! I really like how colorful it turned out! Looks a bit complicated but I think it would make a great gift.

  15. Aw, snap! I need a new yoga cushion and this looks PERFECT. I'm going to send this tutorial to my sister who's an awesome crocheter and say HINT HINT for Christmas. Thank you.

  16. What a fun project! My Grandmother tried to teach me how to crochet when I was around 10 or so and it just didn't stick. I wish so much now that I pushed through it. I would love to be able to share a project like this with my Kiddies.

  17. What amazing creativity. Loved the ideas. Would love to do this with my kid. Im sure his creativity will come through:)

  18. Oh, wow! What a gorgeous pillow case. I would never have thought of doing something like this with my scraps of yarn :)

    Louise x

  19. Ι am Zina and I am fabric way, I cannot crochet! But I am really jealous of your pillow so... you need to teach me my wonderful madam! waiting....

  20. Omg what a cute pillow case!!! I use to love to crochet a long time ago. I use to do it with a neighbor when I was a kid

  21. I am ashamed that I do not know knitting even though I was a scout girl back in my primary school days hehe. I love the hypnotic pattern of the knitted pillow covers! I am sure Natalia loves chilling with her baby books on her cozy crotchet pillows.

  22. What a great idea! I'm awful at knitting, but it's definitely something I'd love to learn how to do soon.

  23. This looks so colorful and super cute! My mom loves doing crochet work and I'll share this post with her! I'm sure she is going to love it!

  24. This looks like an interesting DIY. It looks so cute. this is what we call as art.

  25. I wish I knew how to make such crochet pillows because they look amazing! I’ll share it with my mom who loves knitting!

  26. Oh what a time;y post. My mom and mother and law are looking for new pattern for crochet - I would definitely have them to read this. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Haha i know the feeling, am a crochet addict as well. I can't resist those colorful yarns and how magically i can turn them into something gorgeous. Keep on crocheting!

  28. I attempted to learn how to crochet but didnt get very far. I kinda wish I could figure it out because I have a ton of things I want to make saved on Pinterest lol.
    Looks like a great way to use scraps and love the blues, my favorite color.

  29. This is so nice. Love it. So amazing!

  30. What a beautiful project! I used to do a lot of crochet projects in high school and I hope I could pick up the hobby once more. I love your pillow case cover. It is so colorful!

  31. These are beautiful!! Great job on those crochet projects! I've tried knitting before and just couldn't keep it up. Your creations are so colorful and pretty.

  32. I love the pillow and the colors you chose. You make it seems so easy. You must be one of the most patience person In the world!

  33. I used to love to crochet. I've made a hat and a blanket, but never made a pillow case. It's a super creative idea!

  34. oh my aunt will definitely like this.. she is into crocheting and she used to make us clothes and bonnets too.. This is a great and very creative idea and I will surely suggest this to her

  35. Okay I admit I am not the most patient person and I think this hobby requires so much patience. ��. You have such amazing outputs! Reading at the terminologies got me dizzy already, how much more actually applying them? You are talented and creative!

  36. This is so resourceful! Way to use up all those old scraps.

  37. Looking at your photos brought back memories of doing crocheting as a kid. I love the beautiful work you shared.


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