Hello darlings!

Are you all caught up with the holiday spirit yet? Does the sound of bells and jungles make you smile or turn you into a Grinch? I am a happy elf these days, making the last orders from my etsy shop, planning surprises for Nick (shhh he doesn't read the blog so don't tell him) and shopping for our gifts. 



On Sunday we are taking Natalia to her grandparents houses to sing the carols. Nick said the kid should wear something festive, like a Santa hat but them said that she would be hot in it, so he said we should get her a reindeer headband. 


I said: "Have we met? I will not buy her a mass production headband, I am going to make her one!" He just shook his head and smiled! Well, what can I say? I live for moments when the opportunity to make something we need arises and I get to play with my supplies!


I knew I could crochet her a lovely headband but this time I wanted to play with felt again. I had so much left over my ornaments and Christmas tree that I didn't want it to go to waste. Plus, it would be so much easier and quicker to make it with felt. I didn't even have to sew!


What you'll need:

felt in brown, pink and red

a satin covered headband or any kind you like

hot glue and hot glue gun

a pair or scissors

two pipe cleaners

antlers and ears template


How to make it:


Cut your felt pieces according to the template.


Take the two larger pieces of the antlers and glue the pipe cleaners to help them hold their shape. Add some glue to the pipe cleaners and glue them on the felt.


Glue the pink part of the ear on the brown part of the ear.


Now take the larger pieces of felt that you glued the pipe cleaners on and place them on the headband. The lengthier part at the bottom of the antler should bend over the headband to keep the antler in the headband. Place the ear on top of that and glue it on the antler. Then glue the antler on the headband by turning that piece over it and glue it. 




Lastly, cover the antler with the smaller piece of antler you cut from your felt. Glue it in place.


Do the same with the other antler.


Take the large piece of red felt and pinch it to form a bow. Add the middle stripe and glue it. Cut off the excess and glue the bow on one of the antlers.


You are set!


I can't post photos of Natalia wearing her headband online for obvious reasons so you need to take my word for it: She looks like the cutest Rudolph ever to grace the earth!!!!


I wish you Happy Caroling and a Very Merry Christmas!!! I am not sure how often I will post here during the holidays so Happy New Year too!


Lots of love