Hello darlings, Do you know what the most common thing moms complain about is? Lack of time! It seems to be a universal feature of moms. We are always taking care of others and we are the last ones to get ready to leave the house. And even when we do get ready, we realize that we forgot to wear deodorant (ugh), our hair is still on that messy up do we tenderly call a bun and we are still wearing our snickers. 

There is nothing wrong with that, we are busy people and our appearance is not the most important thing in the world after all. World hunger is. But it stinks doesn’t it? I mean I was never fashionable before I became a mom. I didn’t follow any trend, heck I wasn’t even aware of them most of the time. But I did care more about the way I looked. I took care of me more. Most of the days I even brushed my hair, lol!

Seriously, there was a time when I went to work and wore mascara and a blush! Those days are gone! Now I just get to work late.

I pride myself as being a smart person and finding time to look a bit better should be something I could handle. So, I challenged myself to come up with a few ways to look a bit more stylish and looked after than sporting the “is-that-breast-milk-on-your-top?” look I go for these days.

So this is me getting ready for a date with my husband with only 30 minutes to spare. You can apply this to any similar situation!

Get ready, set, this is going to go fast!

From mom to glam in 30 minutes!

00:07 Shower

A seven minute shower is more than enough time to help you remove the cobwebs from your eyes, wash your face, your teeth, freshen up and even shave your legs. Skip that last step if you are taller than 1.60m or past experience has taught you a bloody lesson. Literally! You will be wearing pants after all, lol.

00:01 Dry

Use a towel or air dry. You don’t need more than one minute now do you?

00:07 Hair and make up

I use the term “make up” liberally here. Don’t expect a fast forward video of a beautiful girl turning into a super star in less than one minute that’s not going to happen here. I will not even use foundation!

Apply your moisturizer cream and while you wait for it to absorb, brush your hair. 

I don't really like creams on my face, but this one is the best I could find and it leaves my (very oily) skin feel super nice! It's organic for the most part and devoid of harmful chemicals.

from mom to glam in 30 minutesFrom mom to glam in 30 minutes!

I have straight hair that even Vidal Sassoon himself could not make them gain volume so I don’t try. I know how to pick my battles! So I just brush them, take a small amount of the front, twist it, use a hairpin and call it a style. It works. Kinda.

 Take your concealer and apply a generous amount under your eyes to cover the black circles that have taken residence there. Use the tip of your fingers to gentle pat the concealer, don’t rub it.

Apply mascara.

Apply a lipbalm and then your lipstick. Go for a red one no matter the hour. It will make you look polished only the red lipstick knows how!



Apply another coat of mascara.
Now is the time to spray on your fragrance. Choose the fragrance you like the best and add just a bit, don't go overboard!

00:05 Clothes


Wear your sexy undies! Leave the nursing bra home and go for the sexy ones! Make yourself feel super sleek and sexy with Knix's invisible underwear -- a must have if you want to avoid those embarrassing visible pantie lines! Don’t miss this step, it will make you feel sexy and fresh, take my word for it!
Always go for the white button down shirt. It’s the most versatile and foolproof way to look stylish in my book. Yes, it needs to be ironed.

Wear a nice pair of pants. Yes they need to be ironed too. No you can’t wear yoga pants. And if you go for a nice pair of jeans, please wear one with no holes, you are not a teenager!


 Is it raining? Wear boots with a sensible heel. Is it dry? Wear heels with a sensible heel like these ones from FSJshoes.

Do not wear snickers, trainers, Nikes or any other comfortable sports related shoe.

From mom to glam in 30 minutes! 

00:04 Accessories

 Wear a scarf or a shawl if it’s cold. It adds points to your look.

Grab your leather wallet and stick your phone in it. If it’s anything like this gorgeous one from Eva leather wallet it will be the only bag you’ll need!



This awesome wallet holds your credit cards, money, phone and more. For once give yourself and your shoulders a break and don’t carry your diaper bag with you. Your kid’s at home with the grandparents, you don’t need their toys/diapers/snacks.



Wear the earrings you love and can’t wear at home without the danger of your kid grabbing them and leaving you without an ear!

tiny hammered earrings

Wear that boho necklace your friend gifted you. You know you love it!

boho necklace

00:02 Say goodbye

You know you can’t leave the house without kissing your kids and telling them you love them. You know it, I know it, make the time for it!

 And last and most important!

 00:04 Take a breath

 And rack your brain to remember where you parked your car! I allocated 4 precious minutes to this very important task because …mommy brain!

There you have it! Ready for a date with your husband and you are clean and stylish too! Go mom!!!!