With any home decoration project, color is an inevitable part of the decision-making process. The colors we choose for our homes are important, whether we prefer a neutral, monochrome, or “all the colors of the rainbow” style. It's one of the first things we notice about a room, so it's important to get it right.


The colors that you select say more about you than your personal choices, however. You might find yourself drawn to certain hues while dismissing others, for no obvious reason at all. Well, there might be a reason - the colors you opt for tend to reflect your personality. So before you decide what house painting colors to choose, spend a little time trying to figure out your true color match...


 You Are... Passionate. Excitable. Vibrant. The heart and soul of the party.


Your True Color... Red. Red is a color of intensity, passion, and it's not for the faint-hearted.


How To Use It: Red hues are the perfect feature wall color in the living room or bedroom. Bright, cherry tones can bring an otherwise dull room to life. Opt for deeper, almost auburn tones for textured wallpaper if you want to add extra interest.


You Are... Calm. Relaxed. Content. The person that others turn to in a crisis.


Your True Color... Blue. From sweet baby blues to atmospheric dark navy tones, you've a multitude of options.


How To Use It: Blue is a classic bathroom color, but why restrict yourself? A soft palette mixed with whites and cream can create a bedroom sanctuary, while dark hues can create an industrial-style kitchen display.


You Are... Indecisive. Changeable. Anxious. Easily startled but sweet-tempered with it.


Your True Color… Taupe. Neutrality will work best with your personality, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring!


How To Use It:  The beauty of taupe is that it fits almost anywhere, with the possible exception of the kitchen. You could make your hallways a feature, with rich taupe colors and bright, statement light pieces to reflect off the soft tawny surface.


You Are... Involved. Considerate. Friendly. A person that people turn to when they need advice they know they can rely on.


Your True Color... Green. From mint through to dark British racing green, you've got your own little slice of nature just waiting to burst onto your walls.


How To Use It: With such a wide variety of beautiful shades, green can be used effectively in any room. Why not try something different in the bathroom? Mint green is refreshing, just what you need as you get ready for work in the morning! Combine it with white tiles for a fresh, modern effect.


You Are... Quiet. Mysterious. Shy. People who know you would describe you as something of an enigma.


Your True Color... Purple. Lilacs can work for you, but you will find yourself most drawn to rich, aubergine shades that offer a hint of something deeper.


How To Use It: Your bedroom is the perfect place for deep purple shades. Use as a feature wall or on three walls, choosing a white for the fourth wall to prevent feeling too closed in. Wallpaper also works well with this shade.



So What Should You Choose?


Your 'true color' is a guide based on experience, not a rule book. Ultimately, go with whatever makes you happy - but keep your true color at the back of your mind. Chances are, it will be there anyway.